Glories Unfolding / Unfolding Glories

Small adhesive accordion book

1 1/4” square

Paper, maps

This was the first book I created after taking a bookbinding class in graduate school. Part of the nature of this book is that you can start on either side and the story will come out the same. This creates a circular narrative. Each side of a page corresponds to the content on the other side. One side starts with the title page Glories, the other, Unfolding.

Each of these images represents a specific memory or experience of my life, and while I could explain them all I don’t think that’s the point. While deeply personal, this book isn’t really about me, but about life in general. I’ll leave it at that.

Unfolding Illustrations
Unfolding Cover
Glory Title Page
Glory Illustrations
Unfolding Illustrations
Glory Illustrations
Accordion fold opened as pages
Glory Cover

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