I didn’t plan to share the last few outfits I shot a while back but decided to post them. If you haven’t read my last post, I’m dabbling between whether or not to continue blogging next year. A part of me says, “YES!” but another part wonders if taking it on will be too much. Ultimately, it will be a decision I make when I am healthy and whole, not when I’m having anxiety attacks whilst trying to iron out the details of certain character actions in the last chapter of my novel. (Yes, I used whilst and I’m American. It just sounded better in that sentence.)

These last three outfits range from summer to autumnal wear, which was not planned, but providential (that’s a big word to use for outfit photos, but, oh well). Here are the three outfits and a few thoughts about them.

Tropic Stripes

tropic stripes outfit mary tait wind spindle

Added to closet:
New – Shirt, shorts, belt, necklace
Secondhand – Hat, earrings, sandals
Handmade – None

I love this look. I’m not one for loud prints but this pair of shorts has remained a favorite over the years. The striped shirt is simple enough to pair with the shorts and gives a very casual chic look. Stripes are my secret weapon when it comes to mix and matching patterns. They are simple enough to go with about anything but still hold their own.

Bit of Embroidery

maxi skirt embroidered sweater mary tait wind spindle

Added to closet:
New – Skirt, necklace, shoes
Secondhand – Earrings, sweater cardigan
Handmade – None

A lot of women have snatched up the Sézane Gaspard Jumper (or one of its variations), and while the camel one is on my wishlist, I’ve settled on this hand-me-down sweater of my grandmother’s in the meantime. I love the hand embroidered details and the boxy fit. It is a very unique piece, though I haven’t worn it much yet because the weather only just began cooling down.

Neutral Overall

overalls neutrals outfit mary tait wind spindle

Added to closet:
New – Overall, necklace
Secondhand – Earrings, linen top, sandals
Handmade – None

Nothing like a nice set of neutrals to build an outfit. In this case, I think it takes a step back from being a bit boring and too minimalist with the unexpected embroidered details on the blouse and casual touch of the overalls.

Do you have a favorite outfit of the three? With the exception of the first I find that the second two outfits go nicely from summer to fall, requiring only a change of shoes and a coat when needed.


  1. Marilyn September 9, 2019 at 9:50 pm

    Those outfits are all lovely. My favorite is the embroidered blouse.

  2. jodie filogomo September 13, 2019 at 4:56 pm

    I’m all about embroidery!!
    And your print mixing in that first outfit is spot on Mary


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