white blouse puff sleeves pastel look shorts casual summer outfit wind spindle

Items Owned:
1+ month (Sandals) – 14 years (Earrings)

New – Blouse, belt, hat, earrings, necklace, purse
Secondhand – shorts, sandals

What I like:
The color scheme was totally surprised to discover in my closet, but I love how it all turned out. And that this look has a hat.

I don’t know what it is about me planning a blog series and totally veering away from it a week or two later. If anything it says how I hate being creatively pinned down.

Obviously, I’m still sharing outfits. It is one of the reasons I started to blog and it is one reason I continue to blog. But goodness, an assigned blog schedule is pretty much a death warrant for me. I have outfits photographed through part of next week, but I suddenly realized that I didn’t want to post outfits all the time.

The saying, “You never know what you’ve got until it is gone,” rings redundantly true in my blogging journey. I’ve panicked about not posting outfit photos for long periods of time, feeling that I should “keep up a consistent image.” Well, now that I’ve figured out a way to actually accomplish several outfits a week I don’t want it. At all. I just want to share my life and creativity. Why do I have to make it so complicated for myself?

I go through a similar back and forth with photo editing. I love the look of old film and have come up with some ways to emulate some film styles. There are some days where I hate the bright colors, saturation and heavy contrast and want nothing more than soft, faded edits. Then I feel the guilt of not representing what is true in my edit. Eventually, I miss stylizing my edits.

I’m literally editing photos differently every week, but I’ve come to a point in accepting this is how it will be. Maybe the next step is finally accepting what I have murmured again and again and again to myself (a bit begrudgingly), “You don’t have to blog consistently.”

The one freeing part about sharing these outfits on Instagram last week was that all I was doing what sharing what I posted here. And when Instagram went down, I felt happy that I could work in this space all my own.

Instagram has been the bane of my creativity these past few years, and I am finally at a point where it is beginning to feel like a healthy app to kick start my creativity and communicate with people. And perhaps this is why I am seeing the importance of letting my blog be what it will be. I’ve gone from following only photographers and fashion bloggers to adding people with interests similar to mine like historic clothing, books, and writing.

When I entered the Internet realm to blog I originally came in sectioning off my interests. While I have gradually added (and talked about adding) my other interests, I’ve still held onto this stupid marketing idea that I need to talk about one thing to gather and audience. Having an audience in mind is great, but much of the way I do things is a “come as you are” approach—if someone has a shared interest I invite them to converse with me. I will never appeal to everyone, and that is perfectly fine. But what shakes me is the idea that my interests might be so varied no one may take interest in me.

At the same time, part of the reason why I began to discuss interests outside of fashion was because I wanted people who had similar mixes of interests to feel okay. I’ve felt very odd about sharing all of my interests with people because of how I thought they might take me, but this blog became a way for me to show my unique combination of interests and recognize that there is nothing wrong with them.

I get a feeling that you’ve read something like this before on this blog, and, hopefully, I won’t be inventing any new blog series soon and write a post where I change direction in a month. Hopefully this will be the time I finally drop it all and just go for it, sharing what I like without caring about what anyone thinks.

In the meantime, I’ll be starting a new series where I—

Just kidding.

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  1. Marilyn July 8, 2019 at 10:27 pm

    I am continuing to enjoy your fashion posts.


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