Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was a storyteller.

She saw the world a bit differently from everyone else. She loved puzzles, logic, animals, and creating. Small talk was difficult, and she liked to be by herself and play adventures with toy animals.

While other girls around her talked about boys and makeup she loved her imagination most. Hours were spent at the pond down her street watching nature and developing stories inside her head.

She wanted a camera so she could show everyone else what she saw. Her first camera was film, but she was thrilled when shereceived a digital point and shoot for her fifteenth birthday. Photography became a regular way of exploring the world around her.

Though skilled in the sciences, she studied writing in college, dabbling in photography and jewelry design on the side. Her free time was either spent writing or trekking off into the woods to shoot creative self-portraits wearing some of her favorite outfits.

Dreams of becoming a novelist still filled her head, and she pursued a master’s of information science with intentions to become a curator and exhibitionist—combining her love for design and telling stories into a single career.

Then, on some unknown day, a tiny insect bit her.

Her excellent health deteriorated and she was bedridden, hardly able to think or move.

It was Lyme’s disease.

There were times when her health would increase and she believed she was over the worst, and it would relapse, making it difficult to think or move.

While she battled she found that her brain and hands didn’t work to write and create in the way she wished. The only way she could be creative was in the way she dressed. Pinterest and blogs became vital resources as she developed a love for fashion.

Overtime there was an incurable itch to start her own personal style blog, and she jumped in at the start of 2017. It was a year of growing, learning, and understanding the interconnectivity of all her creativity.

Considering the first year as artistic process and a sort of draft, Mary Tait launched a new blog in January 2018 to chronicle her creative lifestyle. Focusing on writing, personal style, and photography, she hopes to inspire other women to live creatively and explore the world with wonder.

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