One of the perks of where I live is that I am very close to a park with a pond. Besides being a great spot for walks and a place to retreat and reflect, I’m able to use the area for photoshoots. Having a nice place to shoot photos nearby is particuarly helpful on days when I am experiencing difficult symptoms of Lyme’s Disease.

I shot this look for my old blog with a dress I have since donated after developing a sensitivity to the fabric. (Why are so many summer dresses made of polyester?) I still have all the other pieces, sans the belt, which fell apart after nearly a decade of wear.

The cardigan is over a decade old–I begged my mom to buy it for me when I headed off to college. She asked me if I really wanted it and I said yes. A decade later, I’m still wearing it when the weather grows warm. (See, mom? I told you I’d wear it!)

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