At the start of the year I shared my bullet journal. I posted the first two months and then haven’t posted anything since. Bullet journals are very customizable, and I’ve been slowly whittling down what I want to do.

bujo bullet journal simple set up monthly minimal style May

For me, doing fancy themes became too much for something that was to help my productivity. So I’ve included little doodles and theme colors, but otherwise, cut out anything fancy. I also realized I regularly used only half the planning space, so compacted my layouts.

bujo bullet journal simple set up monthly minimal style calendar habit tracker

The first thing I did was make the calendar small with a small list of events. This is all I need, as I rarely wrote in the larger calendars. Already this trimmed me using a single page and gives me a better outlook of the month.

Second, I added my habit tracker to the right. I invented this simple system a few months ago, and have perfected it. I put a little mark in the day and column for various habits. This is one of my favorite features of a bullet journal and why I prefer it to a traditional planner.

bujo bullet journal simple set up monthly minimal style brain storm weekly

Next come the brainstorm pages. These are really nice, and have helped me to plan out creative projects I’m currently working on.

The weekly set ups are eight boxes on a page (see below), with slots at the top for the time I wake up and the time I go to bed. Originally I had my sleep tracker with my habit tracker, but kept forgetting to fill it in. I keep up with the sleep tracker better since it is in the weekly spreads.

bujo bullet journal simple set up monthly minimal style weekly

I have a little box for notes for each week (an extra box on the last page for June notes), but otherwise, the layout is very simple. The pictures in this post skip two weeks, but these pages look exactly the same (plus, I already wrote in the previous week).

What do you think? I don’t intend for this to be a frequent series, but I want to share things as I discover more efficient ways to use a bullet journal. If you bullet journal, I’m curious to hear what your tips and ideas are. Comment with them below.

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  1. Marilyn May 6, 2019 at 11:13 pm

    I always write down birthdays to remember on the calendar in weeks advance, plenty time to mail birthday cards.


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