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Here are a few of the photoshoots I experimented with during October. Due to health issues most of my photography must roll with the punches and self-portraiture remains the best way to practice when my health is inconsistent. (Though this has been my best fall in five years!)

A bit about the shoots. The mirror images were in response to an Instagram Weekend Hashtag Project prompt (#whpmirrorimage). I also used the opportunity to experiment editing like film. There was too much green in the original edits (you can see on Instagram) but I balanced it out later.

The goose feather shoot was very fun. I wanted to wear that dress against the sky with a yellow scarf. I thought the scarf was too saturated for the other two colors, but in hindsight, I think it would have been better than the beige. (Oh well.)

I wanted to match some of the colors by a nearby pond so I style this monochromatic look.  I’ve been working on using specific colors in my images, and I love how the colors turned out.

I took the dark images in the entry of my house at dusk. I was sitting on the floor and I set up a fan to blow on my face. It was a bit difficult to get the light to hit my face right and still keep the composition I wanted, but I had fun editing the images.

The other shots (by the pale yellow house and the grey and navy look) were other times I took a chance and experimented. I loved the shots outside the house, though most of the rest of the shoot turned out terrible. (The colors were not good.) It was a very dark day when I took pictures of the all gray look. Tso the images were pretty grainy, but I learned a lot about low light shooting (and, despite the temptation, not to shoot above 800 iso).

Though my photography has lengths to go, I learned so much in the month of October. The biggest improvements I made were editing and composing colors in shot.

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  1. Liz November 7, 2018 at 5:29 pm

    Mary, all of these are so beautiful! You have developed such a beautiful and artistic photography style. I always enjoy seeing your images pop up in my Instagram feed too <3



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