Welcome to Wind & Spindle.

I suppose I ought to provide a brief introduction, though some of you might find the name of this blog familiar. So in an attempt to please both groups might I offer you a story of this digital space, what it was, is, and how it came to be.

A Quiet Death

I wrote a blog titled Wind & Spindle for two years (2018-2019) which served as a space for me to process and share my creative projects. I was deep in a battle with Lyme’s Disease (which, as of the writing of this post, I am still battling). While I called it a creative lifestyle blog, its contents were better described as whatever-keeps-me-sane. Being mostly housebound and unable to create what I imagined, the result was a rather emotional and circumstantial-driven assortment of posts to help me stay connected and creating when my body was failing.

By the end of 2019, I was very discouraged. I wanted to blog with a consistent focus, creating a beautiful space with the values I held, but could not physically accomplish what I wanted. I knew that it was time for me to set blogging aside. I ended my hosting contract for the website, signed off Instagram, and threw myself into writing novels, fully believing that I would never come back to blogging.

And yet my desire to blog never quite died. I would see a creator online, or discover a beautiful image or a thoughtful post would I feel that familiar ache to create. But I shoved it away, resolving instead to avoid things that would stir that desire in me.

At one point, I resolved to “plan” my dream blog, hoping that the act of dreaming would be enough to satisfy. It only stirred the feeling more, and while I felt God’s pleasure at my dreaming I could tell his spirit was saying, “Wait.”

A Dream Revived

While I had left blogging, I remained on Instagram, running various accounts leftover from my blogging days. By the end of 2021, I had deleted one account and was considering deleting the other. I knew that Instagram wasn’t the best tool to share my art.

In the midst of the frustration of what to do with my photography and love of fashion, I thought, “If only I could blog again.”

And God said, “Why not?”

And I said, “I don’t have the means to start one, at least, not right now.”

And God said, “Then why not create in the meantime?”

And so started the reviving of a dream. It began as a soft blowing on embers—reading old notebooks, browsing Pinterest, and dabbling with photography tools.

While I could settle for a space where I could post whatever, I felt the need to pursue something with a specific goal. Many of my dreams for a blog were constantly compromised by Lyme and I felt it was important to defy its constant gnaw on my life by setting my attention on creating something good and beautiful. So I journaled and found that without much effort my vision spilled out, fully crafted and formed after so many years being worked in my spirit.

Then I was faced with the name. At first, I went through a list I had made in 2020 but they all felt stale. The name Wind & Spindle kept returning to me, but I was hesitant to use it again. It was a relic of an old season, of something (to me) unexcellent, and to use it again would carry that context. However, in looking over old notebooks I remembered my process of choosing the name, and it seemed to me that the name (and my blogging experience) needed redemption.

So I decided to use it again. The act itself was one of faith, that despite the many creative projects Lyme stole from me over eight and a half years, I could bring one to completion and do it well.

The name Wind & Spindle is fitting, pairing an invisible thing that cannot be captured with a homely object transforms the unruly into the usable. When I created I wanted to spindle the wind, taking an invisible thing and making it a reality, taking the spiritual and bringing it into the physical. It’s the movement from one realm into another, done not by might but through simple hands outstretched to the sky.

Wind & Spindle is a description of my life, the vision for my creative work, and the dream I hope to achieve.

Beginning Again

In my folders and notebooks operating side I’ve called it “Wind & Spindle Revived.” It is the resuscitating of something I thought long dead, something I’d given up hope to believe could come again. It won’t be easy—disease battles me daily and I will not be working in as loose of a structure as before.

But this space is mine and it is good. And to the best of my skills, I will make it excellent.

Formally, Wind & Spindle is a lifestyle blog. In execution, it is a combination journal, magazine, and art gallery. I’m using it as a place to share my art, reflections, lifestyle topics, personal style, interviews, and whatever odds and ends fit the vision of this space.

This blog is based on five values and all the content stems out of them. They are:

Beauty has value
Truth exists
Rest is good
Stewardship can be joyful
Creativity is for everyone

In many ways, these values were born out of the failures I made over my years of blogging. On one hand, the values are so very simple, on the other hand, they are incredibly rebellious. My hope, however, is that you glean something good from this space.

So, if you value beauty, enjoy nature, and are into slowing down and living thoughtfully, take a seat, grab a drink, and dwell. There are no demands, no strings attached, and I won’t keep you longer than you want. The door is always open and the sitting room is ready for conversation.

I’m glad you’re here.


Mary Tait

Creator and curator

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  1. Elizabeth O. February 11, 2022 at 5:13 am

    I love the values you articulate here. So needed and so true. Well said, fellow rabbit.


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