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I’ve been meaning to do some round-up posts of my photography, and finally put it together today. These are shots from the spring of this year through October. They are my best shots of the hundreds I took this year.

I’ve tried to make photoshoots of some kind a regular practice just to get better. The truth is I don’t want to only work in photography, but it is an excellent exercise in seeeing, and a stepping stone for developing my vision for film, so I practice it anyway.

I plan to have a new gathered post with some of my self portraits up sometime later this week. The more I create the more I see this webspace as a place to share my work and converse about the creative process. I have a vlog/podcast idea in mind, but I’m waiting for the right time to start it. (It will probably happen sometime after I’ve settled into a creative routine and built endurance to finish projects I’ve started.)

I hope you enjoy these little visual poems,


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