simple dress straw hat wind spindle

After I graduated college I had the opportunity to build up a new wardrobe. Expecting a typical career path (and wanting something new), I gravitated towards very elegant and romantic pieces. Life turned out far differently, however, and I found that the more formal and dressier pieces didn’t match my lifestyle. I had abandoned the more natural textures for what I considered “nice” clothing, but when my lifestyle didn’t need to be so formal I began to add it back.

My style has always been a tad bohemian, and I was called a hippie more than once growing up. But I associated my high school style with sloppy styling and messy details (hello raw hemlines) so I avoided similar styles post-college. In later reflections, I realized that I could update my past style with a mature flare. This outfit is one of those updates, combining my love of neutrals and natural textures with a classic minimalist look.

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