There’s a narrow garden on the side of our house. What it holds changes from year to year, but one section is always dedicated to zinnias. My father loves zinnias, and for years my mother has planted them in the garden right outside the window by my father’s desk. They consume the space, often bowing down into the grass and getting caught in the window when it is wound shut at night.

I don’t own many items in bold colors–I prefer softer, muted tones–but I have a soft spot for the zinnias. Their colors are brilliant and bold, and the way they fade in the fall is lovely. I photograph them every year, and this was one of my favorite shots from 2021. I love the punch of red and the towering blooms in the background.

While simple, they’re a little something I look forward to every year. The garden wouldn’t be quite the same without them.

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