casual suit outfit

This outfit holds a lot of memories for me. I had brought my camera to shoot outfit photos for my old blog while my family and I went on vacation. We were up on a lake in Wisconsin at the end of summer, and I was eager to use the change of scenery.

Although Lyme’s Disease usually limited my energy and ability to photograph, I felt very good that morning. On top of that, there was a thick mist over the lake, shrouding visible land and filtering the sun. At the time I was experimenting with creating photographic stories, and I turned this shoot into a story about an island that would appear when you weren’t looking at it. (If you look, you can see the landmass I called the island in the background.)

I love the blazer and the cropped jeans. There’s something very chic and effortless about the look while remaining polished.

casual suit outfit wind spindle blazer
casual suit outfit blazer denim wind spindle

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