Meet Mary

The very first career I ever wanted was to be a postwoman. At that time the mail woman for our street (as well as other postal workers) would go door to door and talk to people as they delivered the mail. I believed it was the best occupation in the world because you could talk with people all over town and hear their stories.

mary tait wind spindle story

As I grew older my aspirations changed, but the core of my interests always revolved around telling stories. I acted out adventures with toy animals with intricate cultures and political systems. I plotted out movie series in my notebooks. I created films in my head when I listened to music. My two necessities were a pen and a notebook, and to this day a bag is not a bag if I cannot fit a notebook inside.

Despite being an extreme introvert with a rather lonely adolescence, my desire to tell stories, listen to stories, and preserve stories survived. I went on to study creative writing in college and library and information science for a master’s of science. My studies were splattered with other creative studies like photography, jewelry making, metal work, and bookbinding.

When I contracted Lyme’s disease in the middle of my graduate studies I lost the ability to create with my brain and hands for time. Instead, I put my creativity into how I dressed and added fashion to my list of creative mediums.

mary tait wind spindle story

Through it all, I was exploring people and storytelling, though I didn’t know it. I began blogging in early 2017 as fashion and lifestyle blogger, but by the summer of 2018 realized that something wasn’t right. There was a period of self-examination where I asked myself what I really wanted to do. I took some time to weed through my thoughts, but in the end everything pointed toward a single idea.

I was a multimedia storyteller, and I needed to tell stories.

This is a new era of adventure. The way of a storyteller is uncharted, and there are a thousand means to travel over this vast space of life. So I’m learning to take everything day by day, create slow, and see what God has in store for me.

Thank you for visiting Wind & Spindle.

I hope you find a story to take you somewhere new today.