green sweater orange shorts casual summer outfit wind spindle

Age: 3 weeks – 2 years
Purchased: New (clothes, belt), Handmade (necklace)
What I like: Very comfortable with a flattering fit

For those of you who haven’t seen my Saturday Instagram post, I’m taking a new (old) approach to this blog. I originally started blogging to share my personal style, but since then I’ve gotten very caught up in shooting editorial style shoots of myself. While I love to do this, it is impractical, especially when I have limited time and energy on my hands.

I decided to swing back to my original purpose—sharing my personal style and lifestyle—and keeping it more casual than editorial. So, starting today I’m trying to share a new outfit every weekday, both here and on Instagram. My original vision was to create a resource of outfit ideas others could look at so they could make the most of their closet.

I’m going to feature a few things each outfit post:

  • The age of my clothes. I want to show just how long I wear clothes (I have pieces stretching 15+ years), and encourage the idea that rewearing is okay.
  • Where the items came from (three categories). My closet is made up of new, secondhand, and handmade pieces (items I made myself), and I want to highlight how you can use old, new, and hand created pieces to make interesting outfits.
  • Why I like the outfit. A year ago I wouldn’t have posted an outfit like this because it was too casual/ordinary. Instead, I want to share why I like an outfit, even if it isn’t the prettiest or flashiest on the Internet. It is a little way for me to encourage building my personal style.
  • Little blurbs about the look or thoughts. (Depending on how I feel.)
  • Special tags. This will allow you to search various categories of outfits if you are looking for an extra bit of information.

The categories include:

  • Tops Outfits
  • Sweater Outfits
  • Blouse Outfits
  • Skirt Outfits
  • Shorts Outfits
  • Pants Outfits
  • Dress Outfits
  • Blazer Outfits
  • Cardigan Outfits
  • Outerwear Outfits
  • Summer Outfits
  • Winter Outfits
  • Fall Outfits
  • Spring Outfits

I’m excited to start, and what is even better is that I can shoot several looks without totally exhausting myself. I’m still figuring out how to work with this lens (it is 75mm so it zooms closer than most lens) but it gives me the look I want.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Marilyn July 1, 2019 at 10:27 pm

    Looking forward to the new posts. I love that outfit you are wearing.


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