You might have noticed that things look a little different around here. For one, the site design is more minimal, featuring a basic menu and using post images to decorate the pages. Secondly, all my categories are back in the menu. Everything from my picture stories to inspired style posts are now recognized, rather than attempting to hide certain posts by removing the category from the top menu.

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Last year when I began Wind & Spindle I had an idea of where I wanted this blog to go. 2018 was a year of reworking and revisiting content to create in attempts to realize that vision. In the two years I’ve blogged I’ve gone through an identity crisis about six times. It’s a fashion blog, no, lifestyle, no, art, no, everything, no, art, no, lifestyle, no…. (You get the point.)

In hindsight, those crises always involved two values I could never balance: openness and consistency. On one hand, I knew if I pigeon-holed myself too much topically I would burn out, so expanding my interests was vital to me actually producing work. On the other hand, I wanted some level of consistency in the ‘branding’ of what I created. I wanted to establish a voice to create an audience, but what I found was that my interests were so varied they lent themselves to different groups of people.

My photography and book making was something both men and women would like. My outfits were mostly aimed at women. My conversations about creativity could be for anyone, but mostly those who were fellow artists and creators. Then there are my lifestyle posts, which I write for anyone.

It might appear that the solution would be to pull out the fashion, and broaden my audience, but sharing outfits was a huge part of the reason I began blogging. I don’t know many people who share the same interest in clothing as I do, and it gave me a way to connect with people who liked fashion.

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Connecting Dots

I almost quit blogging this year. For a short time I tried not posting, but I missed it. The more I’ve looked at it, the more I’ve realized the need to simplify my expectations. In every crisis I’ve had the vision of myself creating something dedicated to one topic. I’d think, “Yes! I can do this!” then putter out of steam shortly afterward. Then I’d jump onto the next take and go through the cycle all over again.

In February I started a new part-time job (same sort of position but new project), and I knew the time had come to reassess the blog and what place it held in my life. For those of you who don’t know, my biggest passion in creative writing/storytelling. Whatever the season I try to organize my life so I can make time to write my novel. When the part-time job started I had only the time to write my novel and I suddenly detested the burden of having to blog.

At the same time, I missed it terribly. It made me question what I disliked about it, and why I felt so frustrated about blogging. The answer came quickly. I had made blogging too complicated. I wasn’t doing it for a living or an income. I just wanted to share what I created. I wanted to share my thoughts about life, and write whatever I wanted. My desire was to be personal, and have a space to present my interests, but presenting them had become complicated in all the ‘branding’ I had established. I couldn’t create on a whim. It had to have a direction.

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New Horizons

So I’ve ditched the branding, so to speak. Or rather, I’m making myself the core of Wind & Spindle. I’ve always paired myself as an expert in one thing. But I’m so much more. It occurred to me that the common denominator in all my interests is still me. I decided than rather than try to create a place like a magazine (which was my eventual hope), I would make this a far humbler space and create it to be more of an online journal.

This weekend I finished up one of my last formally planned posts and finished the new site design. My hope was to free my mind to create as I wanted, and take away the stress of all the expectations I had set.

This morning (Monday, March 4) I sat down as I ate breakfast and wrote this post. No fretting. No plotting. Simply writing.

It is wonderful.

So there will be some changes around here. It might keep people away and make my audience small, but that doesn’t matter. I am thankful for the freedom to create and the chance to share my life in this little space I call Wind & Spindle.

It humbles me that anyone would care to visit and read. So thank you to those who read frequently, or if you’ve ever stopped by at all. A new season has sprung, and I am eager to see what blooms.


P.S. I want to do a question and answer post to mark my second year blogging, so if you have a question about anything, let me know in the comments or ask it on social media. I will be taking questions throughout the week.


  1. Marilyn March 6, 2019 at 12:12 am

    Good luck with the blog.


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