empire waist slip dress styling hacks curvy dressy summer outfit wind spindle

Items Owned:
2+ weeks – 14 years

New – Dress, cardigan, necklace, earrings
Secondhand – purse, shoes

What I like:
A fresh cut that makes me feel a tad like I stepped out of Pride and Prejudice.

I’ve avoided the empire waist all my life because it never did anything to flatter my body. When I put on this outfit one day I was surprised at how this combination flattered me. This slip dress isn’t an empire waist, but I made it look like one with my cardigan. The dress is a bit curvy, which adds some nice shape when paired with the cardigan.

Some may not consider this a ‘flattering’ look because it adds curves and the illusion of extra weight. As someone who isn’t really curvy, I appreciate when I can style my body to look like a different shape. That’s all that styling is—deciding how to shape your body.

People get really caught up in dressing certain ways to flatter your body, but inevitably it all tries to achieve the same shape rather than embracing the beauty of various shapes. I’m a bit of a short carrot shape, but I love that this outfit gives me an hourglass (might I even say pear) shape. Sometimes I wear boxy cuts that play with the wide width of my shoulders and pair it with slim pants simply because I like the shape and line work.

All this to say, don’t be afraid of your body’s shape. You don’t always need to ‘flatter’ it. Enjoy your lines and curves and find ways for them to contour you in the way you enjoy.

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  1. Marilyn July 10, 2019 at 10:59 pm

    You look lovely in the Empire Waist dress. I love the Empire Waist look.


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