We believe…

beauty has value

Truth exists

rest is good

stewardship can be joyful

creativity is for everyone


Wind and Spindle is a lifestyle blog created and curated by Mary Tait.

Part blog, part magazine, this quiet space on the Internet is designed to be a breath of fresh air, offering you a chance to pause, rest, and reflect, away from the noise and immediacy of most digital spaces.

You won’t find us on social media—we’re into slowing down and setting our own pace. Instead, we suggest you bookmark us on your preferred Internet browser and stop in now and again as you would an old friend. We believe that not every relationship requires constant attention and that there is joy in catching up with someone else’s story.

So, if you value beauty, enjoy nature, and are into slowing down and living thoughtfully, take a seat, grab a drink, and dwell. There are no demands, no strings attached, and we won’t keep you longer than you want. The door is always open and the sitting room is ready for conversation.

We’re glad you’re here.

Mary Tait

Creator & Curator

Mary Tait is a writer, artist, and information scientist.

Wind & Spindle is a combination of all that she loves, writing, photography, art, curation, personal style, creativity, and thoughtful conversations.

Blogging previously under The Mary Curator and Wind & Spindle, this blog is a revival of a dream project.

Using her background in writing, art, and library and information science, Mary seeks to explore how the functions of physical spaces can inform digital spaces and cultivate unique user experiences.

Besides being an information systems nerd, she loves crochet, cooking, bookmaking, Metroidvanias, historical fashion, theater, and snuggling her dog.