Wind & Spindle is a storytelling and creative lifestyle blog by Mary Tait.

Originally intended as an outlet to share her personal style, her blog transformed into a place where she could share her storytelling, writing, personal style, and photography.

A storyteller at heart and information scientist by trade, she believes that the world is better understood with a little imagination, believing that it allows us to bring our guards down and explore what is unknown to us.

Creating with Words

The lifeblood of this blog is fantastical short stories told with pictures. Found between reality and fairytales, the stories happen in a world similar to ours, but not quite the same. Some stories are stand-alones, others follow various characters as they make their way through the world.

Besides fiction, Mary shares personal reflections and thoughts on style and creativity.


Send me any inquiries or interest in collaborations, and please see my legal page about image use.