Last September I began basic bullet journaling. I didn’t know much about it (or the system) but from a loose understanding of it, I began a daily journal where I tracked various tasks and recorded thoughts about my day. My intention was to figure out a system that worked for me so when I began an actual bullet journal I wouldn’t have to spend as much time creating layouts that wouldn’t work for me.

bullet journal bujo inspiration themes color pencil ink cover

For Christmas I received this gorgeous bullet journal and instantly began sketching my layouts. I don’t intend for it to be anything crazy, but I loved the idea of adding my own doodles and themes to the monthly and yearly layout. I’ll be sharing my monthly setups throughout the year here on Wind & Spindle, and maybe Youtube if I figure out some decent way to film it.

In this post I will share the setup of my 2019 journal. These are the pages before the month layouts and help to track and organize anything with a yearly focus.

I want to mention that I didn’t take this too seriously. There are a couple of mishaps and I experimented with ink and watercolor pencils, but I wanted to begin the journal with a fun and creative streak. By doing this I gave myself permission to mess up throughout the year.

Cover Page

bullet journal bujo inspiration themes color pencil ink title page setup

Super simple. I sketched, then inked it with a Micron pen and later colored in with watercolor pencils. I didn’t want to do anything crazy I wouldn’t like, so I kept it simple.

Future Logs

bullet journal bujo inspiration themes color pencil ink futre log setup
bullet journal bujo inspiration themes color pencil ink futre log setup 2
bullet journal bujo inspiration themes color pencil ink futre log setup 3

These are the pages where you can track long term events and future planning. Again, simple. I like doodling plants so I put branches instead of lines to separate the events from the calendars.

As for the font, many bullet journalers use a particular calligraphy font with a brush pen which I do not know how to do. I’m also one of those people who don’t want to do something because everyone does it so I wanted to use my own cursive. I think it works fine as handwriting, but with the micron pen and larger sizing I don’t like how it turned out. You will see how I switched the font in January, which I love so much more.

Reference Page & Monthly Index

bullet journal bujo inspiration themes color pencil ink reference monthly index setup

The reference page isn’t pretty, but it essentially works as a cheat sheet to help me divide pages as I create spreads. I am very glad I put this page in there—it has saved me so much time!

The Monthly Index is the first big mess up of the journal. It wasn’t bad (the title looked a bit sloppy), but it bugged me enough to cover it up…which I am not sure I like much. Oh well. The beauty of this page is how the index works. Many people have unused indexes in their bullet journal, and because I pretty much know how my months are going to work, the only help I need is finding when a month begins.

This index works visually, taking a common icon or part of the theme so when I go through the journal I know every page with that theme belongs to that month. If I have any other additional pages I can add them later. I haven’t seen anyone do this before, so I feel a little proud of inventing it.

Projects & Ideas Pages

bullet journal bujo inspiration themes color pencil ink yearly trackers projects ideas setup

I often use the phrase that I “create slow” because my creative projects take a long time to craft/create. This Projects page is for some of the larger ongoing projects I have, helping to provide me with some perspective on how much work has gone into a project, it’s timeline, and what I’ve accomplished in a year.

The Ideas Page is for ideas about long-term or larger projects for me to work on throughout the year. I have brainstorming pages for every month, but this is a place for projects that have a larger vision.

Milestones & Thanksgivings

bullet journal bujo inspiration themes color pencil ink milestones thankful setup

The Milestones page is used when I reach a certain place of growth or accomplishment I want to remember. The first happened on the third when I saw a huge leap in the quality of my editing. I’m excited to see this fill out, because I usually forget everything and have to scrap together what I remember later.

The Thanksgiving page is for any big praises and answered prayers throughout the year. I keep a thankful journal every evening which is wonderful, but I wanted a space for the big things. (I’m expecting a lot of big things to be thankful for this year.) 🙂

Media & Wishlist Pages

bullet journal bujo inspiration themes color pencil ink books movies want need replace wishlist setup

I don’t always remember all the new movies or books I read in a year and I thought it might be nice to have a space to record them and give a bit of a rating (or things I rewatch/read worth noting). Two spaces are blank for extra books/movies to add as needed. I really need to start reading again, but I might not pick that up until February.

The Wishlist Page has three spaces: wants, needs, and replace. I filled these out almost immediately because I made a list last year. It might seem like a lot but some of these items I have been wanting for a while, and when I shop I follow this list very closely. My biggest want is a new, better camera and some lens. I’m at a point where I know the equipment would improve some of my photography in ways I can’t with my current equipment. That was the first thing on the want list, but I kind of consider it a “need.”

Coming Soon…

And that is it! I’ll have a post up soon with my January setup. I’m ready to plan out February (I’ve got a theme and some alterations for the layout!), so I hope to have that photographed and up when February begins. I was so excited to try this form of journaling and it has helped me so much!

Do you have a bullet journal? If you have it on a blog, youtube, or Instagram I would love to see it! Leave me a link in the comments below!

Thank you for reading!


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